Want to Write for Firebranders Magazine?

We love and always welcome new contributors to write for our growing community. As a contributor, you'll have the opportunity to share your passion, wisdom and ideas, while reaching an audience who most needs to hear what you have to say. Firebranders Magazine is a place for sharing ideas and how they relate to our lives and businesses through building community, connecting with something larger than ourselves and exploring all that entails.

We are a brand new site (launched April 2015) and already have email subscribers and an engaged social media community. By writing for us in launch phase you get to be apart of this movement from the ground up. You're invited to share in the ripple effect of inspiration, feature yourself as a thought leader and make a positive impact in the process.

We're driven to create positive change in the world through the content featured on this site. Readers are encouraged to visit often and use this as a daily tool for enhancing their lives.

With a growing audience, Firebranders Magazine reaches very passionate, motivated, visionary and seeking individuals. This is a place to share what they've learned and provide insight on how they've applied this information in their daily lives. If you strive to live with a life full of passion, peace, joy, purpose, wellness, value creation and service, we'd love to hear from you.

We don't discriminate against our contributors. Although many of our contributors may include: thought-leaders, visionaries, luminaries, spiritual enthusiasts, yogis, coaches, strategist, personal growth authorities or folks otherwise considered experts in their field, this is NOT an elite platform, reserved only for "big name" leaders. This is a website for anyone who wants to make a difference, is willing to share themselves vulnerably and committed to authenticity.

Benefits of Writing for Firebranders Magazine?

Please note, we do not monetarily compensate our contributors for submissions, however there are still many reasons to write for us.

1. You'll reach a global community around the world.

At present, we have newsletter subscribers from multiple countries and territories around the world, and even more countries once you factor in our social media followers. If your article is submitted for publication, we're committed to having it reach as many readers as possible.Your contribution will go out in our newsletter, get posted to the blog, and shared on social media. We're also creating an author page which keeps track of all your contributions, (this helps your rankings on Google and if you submit more than one article, readers can view your past contributions on our site). Our readers share tips with their family, friends and clients. They love to discuss ideas and they're excited to learn more that helps them become their best self and inspires those around them.

2. You'll positively impact lives. (Good karma points!)

We're firm believers that when you live a life of service, life begins to service and reward you. You'll also get to participate in a revolution. We want to inspire a paradigm shift in the way people view themselves, life, health, happiness and do business. The more people we have on board to contribute to this mission, the faster we can liberate people across the world.

3. You'll advance your career and fulfill your professional goals.

As a contributor to our site, we respect, honor and appreciate your personal goals. We'd be happy to drive high quality traffic your way. Your contribution to our site will include your bio with links back to your site and social media pages, creating a win win all around. This is a great way for you to get free exposure for your products, services, or blog. Our readers get to explore your content more deeply, and you get to reach the people who need to hear your message, or who need to experience your work the most. You'll grow your personal brand, gain more experience being of service to others, have more engagement on social media and you'll attract more clients. Not to mention, you never know who's reading our blog. Being featured on our site could open opportunities for business partnerships, high end events that include YOU as the speaker, book deals, interviews or other advancements in your career.

4. You get to connect with like minded people.

We all desire to be among "our tribe." Whether you're looking to network with professionals, be supported by people who "get you", want to give yourself public accountability to enhance a certain area of your life, attract your ideal client, or ignite a nourishing discussion about a topic you're passionate about, we're confident you can manifest your intent in this community.

5. You'll be seen as an expert which you can leverage

Nothing expedites the "trust" or "authority factor" like being featured with a respected source. We scrutinize and filter the submissions that come in to be sure we only provide high quality tips, and truly inspirational stories. Our high quality content will spread each day. As we grow, you'll grow with us. Once we become the "go to source" for inspiration and advice, you can leverage the fact that you've been spotlighted on our site.

6. The people you are looking for will find you.

As the old adage states, "what you're looking for is looking for you." Whether you are looking for the right professionals to network with, the ideal clients, or a new circle of supportive people in your corner, you won't have to try so hard. By having a featured contribution, the right folks will find you. Just put your all into your submissions, engage in the community, reply to comments, and you're sure to make the right connections.

Submission Guidelines


Here's What You Need to Know:

Word Count. While we have no set rule here, we prefer posts to be no more than 1500 words. A good range is about 500-1200.

Original Content. We only accept submissions that are not currently posted anywhere else (online or off) and that you do not plan to distribute anywhere else. All content must be original and written by you.

Bio & Promotion. Each post you contribute will include a brief bio of 150 words or less, your headshot and links to your own website and social media (Facebook, Twitter).

Submissions. Please only submit one post at a time in the submission form. Include a title that catches attention of the reader. Please only select one category and add no more than 5 tags.

Requirements. All contributors are required to share their posts on social media and include a call to action (such as a question) at the end of their posts to encourage reader engagement. Sharing is the best way to gain exposure. Once your post goes live via your website, newsletter, and social media. The more people who view your post, the better is it for you and the better it is for Firebranders Magazine, creating a win-win.

Accept Terms. By submitting your post for inclusion on Firebranders, you agree to our terms and any form of editing that might occur on behalf of the editorial team.

Subscription. We expect every contributor to subscribe to the newsletter which includes a once daily email around 11am Pacific Time with all posts from the last 24 hour period.

Tone: generally positive, upbeat, all-Inclusive/universal, accessible, and non-dogmatic. As our site continues to grow, we encourage you to take a look around and get a feel for what works best for our site. If your article is dogmatic, political, snarky, more religious than spiritual, cynical, negative or in poor taste, it will not be published. We don't mind a little bit of profanity or slang, but please exercise good judgment.

Add value by being of service: Offer actionable tips, or something relevant to the reader. People operate on the philosophy of "What's in it for me?" Make it worth their time to read it by providing advice, step by step solutions, or even your personal story if it's inspirational and can be applied to their life. Be sure to review whether your post is inspiring, informative or educational before submitting.

Use good copy. Make your piece engaging and interesting, in language easy for the reader to understand (i.e. don't force them to have to whip out a dictionary), and for abstract ideas or scientific theories, please provide a good reference or explicit details to clarify your position. Also, please use a good title. Our readers are extremely busy and only want to read the best articles. Make it easy for them by using an attention grabbing title that's relevant.

Don't be shady: Writing for Firebranders Magazine is not for those whose sole purpose is to boost SEO rankings or promote your products/service as an advertisement, without providing something tangible(such as an article that says "5 reasons you should use essential oils. Now buy my oils. Here's why you should buy from me." Just write to add value, and you'll attract the right people. We seek sincere individuals who believe in service first. We firmly believe when you help others get what they want, you automatically get what you want.

Sharing is the best way to gain exposure. Once your post goes live, please share the link with your family and friends via email, your website, newsletter, and social media. The more people who view your post, the better is it for you and the better it is for Holistic Voyage, creating a win-win. If your posts perform extremely well, we'll include you in our freebie opt-ins and you'll be featured as "a go to source" which will bring you high quality traffic.

What We Look For:

Theme. Since Firebranders is all about Making a Positive Impact Through Love, Purpose and Freedom, all posts should reflect this theme and tie into it some way. Those that do not will be rejected. For examples, see below.

Photos. If you'd like to include a photo with your post, it must be at least 720pixels wide by 250 pixels tall. Larger is fine but realize they may be cropped as necessary. Photos must also be your own original photos or those that are allowed under the Creative Commons All Attributes license. No more than 2 photos per post.

Topic Examples:



    • Energy & Wellness: Health, meditation, self-care, mindfulness, etc
    • Creativity & Expression: Anything that relates to creativity and learning
    • Truth & Spirituality: Alignment, discovery, expansion, divine, astrology etc
    • Pleasure & Play: Money, business, career, entrepreneurship, travel etc
    • Relationships & Connection: connection, love, sex, community, friendship, etc
    • Meaning & Purpose: living with purpose, finding meaning, etc.


Ready to Write for Us?

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Love + Magic,
~Annie S. Anderson
Founder + Editor in Chief