Karma’s a bitch! Right?

Do you talk about Karma as if Karma has human qualities? Do you know what Karma actually is? Well, to be short about it, how you live this life, will directly impact how you live your next life or in the afterlife. 

Karma is not what repays an action that you choose but instead karma is what happens because of the action you chose to take.

A great example to use are dominoes; because of that very first push, karma does its job perfectly. Karma will not choose to repay your deed, whether good or bad.

The word Karma means action in Sanskrit. Karma has a standing in the Law of Cause and Effect in which every action brings about a comparable reaction. In simple terms and some cases, you get what you give as the reaction to what it is you are initially giving. 

This leads back to intention. What are your intentions behind your choice of words? Why are you choosing to help a particular situation? 

When someone helps the needy and they tell others that they are helping the needy. Of course those other people will say, “Good Job.”

Well, that is your repayment in attention and honor from others for helping the needy. The bible tells us in Proverbs 19:17 “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.”

Many times people choose not to wait on repayment and would rather have special attention immediately, so they share their good deeds with society. There’s your repayment and karma at its finest. 

So, what is the big deal? 

Life gives you the result of what you are giving to life. Karma is a way to increase self value using what you are placing your focus to. Yes, everyone is attuned to their very own path within karma and that has nothing to do with you. Absolutely nothing to do with what they have done to you, before you and with you. 

Karma does not protect the victim, as some have been led to believe. 

Due to the nature of a human life and how they lived and were responsive, there will be comparable or in other words similar situations to those they have chosen to act upon, to happen with them. 

Personal experience with me is within one of my first relationships, I endured a head injury as an action that was chosen by this individual in which it caused a wound and scar in the middle of my forehead. Years later this individual, in an unrelated situation, fell and happened to end up with a similar wound and scar in the middle of their forehead. 

Did I see that as Karma? Yes, at the time I did. But as a practicing metaphysician, I know that due to the facts surrounding that particular individual and their lifestyle, these sorts of situations are results within their own karma or natural law of cause and effect. 

Only you are able to alter your state of Karma. What’s important to know is that what has been done is out of our purview and there must be a course of forward actions taken. 

Too many will allow themselves to be caught up in the thought of revenge that they will believe repayment is the same as the payment. Revenge is an illusion to keep energy stagnant in a massive amount. 

How someone treats you tells you more about that person’s state of self. How you allow someone to continue to treat you tells you about your state of self. The longer a mind is focused on what’s not moving the greater the chances for an opportunity to be missed. What are you focusing on? Revenge or Revelation. 

When all of the dominoes fall, the creativity is revealed to the beholder and to the pusher. Which one of these positions are yours? As long as you know that you could be both

Until next time, Stay Happy. Stay Healthy. Stay Healing. 


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