How often do you find yourself trying to figure out what’s the best choice for you to make? 

Making decisions in my life started out with me knowing how I feel, and even what I feel; but being subjected to how someone feels portrayed as much more important than my feelings. It was as if my feelings were irrelevant to life all together and my thoughts would not make the difference of how I was being affected. All of this as a child. I know right!

Growing older and not noticing there was a major problem, I had placed myself into a position of needing someone to make decisions for me and at some points even needing them to fulfill the actions that had to fulfill their choice. I was crippled by the fact that I did trust myself enough to decide on behalf of my own life.

Becoming a mother I fought a lot with my own mother because I finally knew that I had to make decisions for more than just me at a particular point; which was in fact the news of pregnancy with my very first child. Choosing to be pregnant, although I feel that I made the best decision for me, was still not a decision that I fully made on my own. 

At the age of twenty-two, I was still operating dependent upon asking others to decide for me; whether they were aware or not. I’ve always heard my own voice but at this point I had to now fight with myself to finally listen and take my own suggestions for my own life. In becoming that action player of my own life, I created the intense plan for making decisions for the rest of my life. 

When I completed an inventory of my personal life, from the viewpoint of looking at how far I had come, it caused me to think about what I must do to move deeper into the success of my life journey. This led me to further practice metaphysical decision-making on my life path and so I researched the works of making choices using metaphysical science through methods in which I have listed below.

Although, there are many, these are just a couple I’m sharing within this article:

● Centeredness

● Energy focus

● Spiritual alignment

I have always believed that a mind has the capacity to be shaped for effective reasoning in metaphysical decision-making. In other words,making decisions based on suggestions granted to us by being centered, energy focused and getting spiritually aligned through maintaining our connection to the universal consciousness of divine energy. 

This process allows a life journey to flow universally by maintaining the connection to your higher self which reveals the path to your success. The scripture Proverbs 14:12 says “There is a way that seems right to a man. But in the end, it leads him to death.” This verse speaks of making decisions based on what is physically experienced and in doing so, going on a journey of blindness.

When we open ourselves up to the metaphysical and allow our mind’s eye to sense what the physical does not, due to lack of sensitivity in that area, then we are able to gather further information to help us make a decision that will support our journey through higher guidance.

Thinking about making decisions for myself brought me to the point of finding out where the initiation of the actual choosing was coming from. Knowing that all things are connected, I knew that making a choice must also be connected to me in a sense of knowing that what I chose was already there and a part of me held this decision for me to take the action on. That’s right, self-accountability.

I made up my mind that my soul energy held all decisions I were to ever make in my life. So, knowing this I chose to follow along the more spiritual path. Even at times, by allowing myself to be a lighthouse by guiding others and showing them a way through the way that I choose to live my own life. At times that is the only reference that others will have to be able to move forward with the path that is their own. Motivating them to become lighthouses or bridges to the connections fastened to self  awareness of their own in decision making outwardly; to reach even more than just the one guided path. “It empowers people to be totally authentic in who they are, and in so doing, facilitating a profound shift of consciousness into a new vibrational paradigm, in the Fifth Density.” (Openhand)

This actually allowed me greater insight into not only what I was choosing but how to choose and recognizing where the guidance of direction for my life was coming from. Becoming aware of the actual knowledge within is what allowed me the privilege to seek out what I was looking for in the physical. The guidance that I felt was missed as a child and the empowerment mentioned in the above passage, which was available for me but I was not yet aware of what I was using to make decisions on my own. Not that I didn’t have the capability; instead I was not aware of the choice that I could have made to use this for myself.

I officially learned that how I experience and share my life depended upon choices I made. It is said that experience is the best teacher and in some cases that may very well be true but at the same time we choose how to experience what we do experience; or to even experience it. As a child most of the time it was not but as a very aware adult the choice is ours. So finding yourself in a situation that is less than fulfilling will alert you to all decisions that positioned you there. 

The most important factor here is how you are feeling about the choices and experiences within your life. The object or the goal is to feel above the realm of emotions and move into the expansion of your own journey in making your own decisions. This is what purely being free or having freedom is and to be truly healthy is to know your truest version of you. Making decisions from the place of pure and unselfish intentions to have the best path of life brought before you. 

It is not about having choices and knowing what to choose. This is about doing the work so that when the time arrives, you will be able to align with the best path on your journey at present. That is the truth of decision-making.

This leads to a question of how to make the choice of allowing life to naturally take place. To respond to that is to say that you must first embrace the most impactful experience of alignment with what you are going for. The feeling that you are aiming at; to then align with your soul and your center. Align with your inner being, focusing on the emotions that are surfacing about what choices you are more inclined to lean towards. 

This comes with a sharp mental position, hence the reason for programming or shaping your mindset and magnetic aura to attract what is in alignment for you. Not saying that obstacles will not seek you out but when you do align with your center and the universe, manifestation of your choices through the process of natural obedience will activate.

Strategic movement helps the process of allowing your choices to move along so much more smoothly, as well as being intentional in the purest forms while working out the thoughts and intentions that are not for the highest good of your journey. There are choices being held up that can impact the lives of others in your life; that are not always known to you. Thinking that this is not true will only make the impact in their lives affect you emotionally on a larger scale than the awareness of the decisions that you are unwilling to move towards with will.

Being unwilling to move will not void the process but only hold it stagnant. Whether in business or life, this is something that you can choose upfront. Your belief of how you are making your choices and plans can be an integral part of this journey for you in decision-making. Either way this looks to you in life, being in the position to have to make a decision also places you as a leader in this life. Whether that is for the purposes of a movement or only your family, having a plan put together and a practice of will allow your role of making decisions to not be such a daunting task to expand from. 

Every expansion is born from a decision and when you allow the practice of decision-making to become a part of your strategy, it becomes the feelings you have about the choices and opportunities and obstacles you will be presented with on the many paths that you will find along your way and in your purpose of assisting your goals.

Believing and how you believe sound very similar in hearing it, but you can believe in grass or you can believe in grade A grass; because you have allowed yourself to be guided towards that certain grade of grass. It is not being general but rather specific in knowing where you want to be and go; then allowing your choices to be drawn towards you. At which point you can then make the decision being centered, focused and aligned. Which gives you the clarity for decision-making. It’s specific and it is for your path.

Until next time, Stay Happy. Stay Healthy. Stay Healing. 


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