Today, I want to share with you the ONE thing that has made the biggest impact in my life. . .

Trusting and following my intuition.

So many of us ignore that still small voice inside. We rush around in life, from one thing to the next, never stopping to just breathe. To be in the quiet space. And you know what?


Your intuition speaks in the silent spaces.

But if you aren’t slowing down enough to allow that, you’ll never hear it. And the Universe WILL get your attention some other way. . .

Sickness. Disaster. Upheaval. Pain.

Listen. . . your intuition is there to guide you. It’s there to be a sounding board, a compass, a roadmap. And all you have to do is tune in.

Realize I am not talking about meditation (though you can certainly do that if it floats your boat).

For me, it looks like sitting still. Often, I’ll sit with my eyes closed and maybe some quiet music. In that space, I just listen. I may even sleep for a little while.

Sometimes it looks like standing in the shower with the hot water raining down over me. Open to the nudges that want to come in.

Sometimes it looks like driving down the highway with the radio blasting. Feeling into whatever is before me.

Or vacuuming.
Or cooking.
Or dancing.
Or singing.

Always, it’s about BEING. Feeling. Asking. Knowing. It’s never about thinking.

The times I’ve ignored my intuition: chaos.

Financial. Emotional. Physical. Spiritual.

I’ve turned situations around in an instant by listening to my intuition. It’s there for a reason.

The truth is that you have all you need within you. It’s there, ready and waiting for you to hear it.

Tune in and allow magic to unfold for you.


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