Why are you so intrigued with spirituality?

To start by highlighting that all humans have a spiritual nature just by having a human body. In order to have a relationship with something or someone, wouldn’t you need to relate to them or it. Being spiritual or practicing spirituality, which is the same thing in essence, is saying that you are spirit; or at the least have one. So why would you not be intrigued by what you were possibly taught was not you once upon a time.

Spirituality takes you into a seemingly unrecognizable space so it seems. You are already familiar with what you have been taught to know, of course and those things you may know little about is just so interesting because so many others are displaying in a way that speaks to your spirit. Communication comes in more forms than many and callings are made through various messages in which you are exposed to, catching them is the artform.

Spirituality is different and being spiritual works differently for different people, but how is it right for you? As a metaphysician, I’ve learned that the more someone is interested in what’s happening on the outside, the more they have to catch up with the inside.

There has been a debate that spirituality and religion are not the same, while the teaching is that anything you do repetitively is a religion within itself. So, whether you call it christianity, muslim, hinduism, voodoo or spirituality; it’s one and the same. Practices within each of these are carried out religiously, from paying tithes to kneeling at an altar of ancestors.

Spirituality, or metaphysics, can be very similar to christianity, if you allow it to be. Spirituality does offer more freedom in personal choices while manifesting the natural principles of life energy. This is how a person can say one thing and see a different result from the words that were literally spoken. It is the intention or power behind the words, along with the standing of Karma within life.

Words such as shadow work, light worker, earth angel, goddess, demon, etc. are taken out of context when speaking on spirituality because even the politics in this area of life is not understood. Most of the time it is shunned and told to be hushed about it, while there are many others in higher ranks openly practicing one of the many realms within spirituality as their ways of staying ahead.

One of the things that I am so glad was a part of my studies in becoming a Minister of Metaphysics is World Religions. I chose to learn a little about a lot and in this, it brought me right back to where I started but with a much greater standing in the making of choices. So for me, spirituality is about the choices that are to be made individually and as a part of a whole.

Mindfulness and intention are a few of the most powerful tools within the arsenal of your total being. Spending time within yourself is a luxury and necessity. Personally, I have met individuals who stated that they did not like their own company; for me, that is alarming. To better know others, one must clearly and foremost know self.

Spirituality allows someone to know themself uninterrupted due to the sole focus being on all of you. Without naming other institutions, but many of them have the minds of others forwarded into the intentional service, sacrifice and worship of outside beings.

People. You. Everyone wants to be something and spirituality allows them this very thing or should I say, allows them not to be something. For some its an escape from something or some place and to others it’s an avenue into an improved lifestyle, while many fear the implications that this is their very downfall.

So, why are so many intrigued by spirituality? With being spiritual as it is heavily connected to being mindful; spiritual people seem extremely happier with life, others and themselves to those who were groomed within a different lifestyle of practices.

I do believe that the interest must be innate but as long as one finds their own path, the purpose is still increasing self value along with inner balance of life’s extremes.

My name is Angel C. Miller; as a Licensed Metaphysical Practitioner, Minister of Education, Self-Embrace Coach and Thought Therapist; my intention for being here is to share with you my choices and the experiences I hold due to those choices. I hope that you learn the strategies in decision making and allow yourself to welcome a self-embraced lifestyle to be your normal. Not for you to just go with the motions of others you are surrounded by but to experience and live out your highest you.

I welcome you on this excursion in hopes that you make a mindful choice in just being you and accept my experiences that I will share here as just those, my experiences; because that is what I am an expert in, which is sharing my experiences. There is so much that I am willing and capable of sharing, so I wanted to begin with my thoughts on spirituality catching the attention of those who once thought that we as metaphysics, herbalists, magicians, witches, psychics and so much more were of the evil plans in life.

This is our way of living and making a living. This makes us happy. You see this and that is why you are so enlightened by the curiosity of how we prosper. Therefore you refuse to continue in ignorance and we love it. Personally, I do not say that you were once asleep and now are awakened, rather that you have now been made aware.

Only you can know how you will like to maneuver in your life and what religious practices are best to exemplify in sharing. Looking where you can see your all is the clearest information to get you there in record time.

I used to think and ask myself, where did I leave my life, and it was within me this entire time. I finally let it out and chose to live without restraint. You will have lost nothing but you also don’t have to leave your life within either by choosing you. There are no right and wrong choices, only choices to be made. Spirituality is not the choice. To experience all of you. You are the choice. Choose You and know that it all starts within you.

Until next time, Stay Happy. Stay Healthy. Stay Healing.


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