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“It takes a village”

You’ve heard the saying “it takes a village” and it’s generally applied to conversations about raising children. But the truth is, it takes a village to do anything. While many of us humans identify as introvert, we are not solitary creatures. And the old ways of doing are being replaced by collaboration and partnership in a softer, more open way as humanity shifts into this way of being.

I would say “new way of being” but the truth is that it’s not. Perhaps “forgotten way of being” would be more accurate.

A while back I had a vision of a mesh-like fabric – the word tapestry came to me in the vision – that is all around us. And not just around us – but that we are a part of. Through, within, without. Almost like a web though it isn’t sticky or stringy. This tapestry is light – and I don’t mean weight. Light, as in the visual spectrum, light – illuminated.

This light tapestry is a living emissary – just as we are living. It vibrates and hums and pulses with the same universal energy and power that we have within. It is life.

The idea that we are all separate is a man-made construct designed to tear apart the threads of humanity – the very threads of the tapestry.

But here’s what I know – I am me and you are you and yet we are all connected in ways the human mind cannot even fathom. But our souls know. Our hearts know. And while our minds may have forgotten this truth, and our DNA has been recoded by our very thoughts, our choices, our fears, our doubts, our emotions, our desires – at the inner-most core of who we are, it still vibrates.

Because we ARE the tapestry.

Our job as humanity moves forward is to come back to the truth.

The truth that god is love. And so are we.

Our perceptions create the world we live in and if our perceptions are flawed, our world will be flawed too.

We can change that – and heal the entire planet – by coming back to the light of truth. The light of love. We already are light, love, truth and it’s simply a matter of choosing who we want to BE.

Rise up.


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