It was one year ago this week that our community was searching for answers in the wake of a shooting at our high school that ultimately left 5 kids dead. It seems sorta surreal to be here now, one year later.

So, yesterday I spent a lot of time in reflection about how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go.

My dream – my vision – of a world united in peace and love is not some far fetched notion. I believe I was given this mission for a reason. . .

Because it’s possible.

The how is not up to me and I am constantly in awe as each piece of the vision for One Generation Peace Project emerges and unfolds.

I am constantly in awe of the magic that is created when I say YES to what OGPP wants to become.

This project has evolved into so much more than I ever thought possible when I shared it with my coach that night. I have evolved into so much more than I ever thought possible that night.

But probably the biggest thing that has emerged from this entire dream is that the world needs YOUR greatness.

YOU need your greatness.

Whether your greatness is to be the best damn bus driver possible or the most talented barista ever or the teacher everyone loves or a hugely successful entrepreneur or a sought-after speaker.

Whether your greatness is seen by millions or thousands or simply a handful.

Whether your greatness emerges at age 20 or age 40 or age 70.

The ONLY thing that matters is that you share it. That you let it unfold. That you let it shape you. Teach you. Love you.

That you let it IGNITE you.

And I would LOVE to help you lean into your vision and create a roadmap to get you there.

If you’re interested in what that looks like, contact me and we’ll setup a conversation.


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