Last year a metamorphosis began to take place. I had no idea where it was going to lead. No idea what it was going to look like. And as hard it was, and as often as I stumbled, I kept walking. Kept leaping. Kept unfolding.

Over the weekend I realized that as much as I had opened myself up, as much as I had shared my light and my love and my truth, as much as I had connected so deeply with so many amazing people, I was STILL hiding.

Still holding on to patterns. Still restricting the unfolding. Still controlling the surrender. . . which, it turns out, isn’t really surrender at all.

And so after a couple of conversations with some incredible friends and soul sisters and some much needed down time, I have decided to make an even bigger leap. . .

One fueled by an even deeper passion, an even deeper why and an even deeper love.

You know what really broke me wide open, though?

I realized the ONE person I want SO much to share myself with completely, fully, unapologetically. . . is ultimately the one I was hiding FROM.

And that was. . . ME.

So today, I have a challenge for you. . . answer these 2 questions:
Where are YOU hiding? And who are you hiding FROM?

And if you’d like to dive deeper into that, send me an email and let’s take a look. We’ll see if you’re a fit for this or perhaps 1:1 work. . .

The Badass Goddess Circle

Love + Magic,


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  1. Hi Annie, I just love posts like this, I love the feeling of inspiration and call to action, humanity and unity when you write a post with the intention of helping others. Love it! I wrote a similar post last week about mindfulness and the reasons why we should give it a try (especially people who suffer of depression). Have a look, please. I would appreciate to link it to your post

    1. Hi Andra,

      Glad you loved it! I agree – I love posts that inspire and ask you to do something. I’ll go check out your post. And thanks for taking the time to read and comment on this post.

      Love + Magic,

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