I spent half my life – quite literally (I’m 41) – running from the truth. Running from what I know – and have pretty much always known – is my my mission on this planet. Even though 12 years ago, I took classes and became a certified coach and ordained interfaith minister so that I could fulfill that purpose. (Not the first time I tried stepping into this calling and then ran away. . . )

See, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in graphic and web design and have been a designer for 24 years. For the past several years, I’ve specialized in building WordPress websites on the Genesis Framework. And I’ve used this as excuse to NOT do what I KNOW in my heart and soul is right for me. (Don’t get me wrong – I love graphics but I knew it wasn’t where I should be spending my time.)

I stopped doing design work about a year ago because I had too many other things going on. I also owned another business that was failing. . . a business that if I’m honest, I knew I NEVER should have started to begin with.

During that time, I felt lost in my life, like it wasn’t really going where I wanted it to go. I was stressed out beyond belief, anxious, irritated, losing hope. I dreaded waking up every morning. I dreaded every time my phone rang. So as things began to really fall apart last fall, my business partner and I split ways and I closed the construction company (with nearly a million dollars in debt – all in my name). It was at that time I felt an incredibly deep call to finally step into my mission, to create the vision I’ve been dreaming of for years.

And it has taken everything in me to follow this path. It has taken every ounce of strength and courage and love I have to put one foot in front of the other and keep walking. Even when the way wasn’t clear. Even when I had NO FUCKING IDEA what the hell I was doing. Even when I wanted to turn and run as far and as fast as I could in the opposite direction.

But I keep going because this time. . . this time, things are different. This time I have an amazing, loving, powerful coach standing beside me. Walking every step of the way with me. Reminding me during my down times that I AM THAT POWERFUL. Reminding me that THIS is WHO I AM. Gently leading and guiding me to my truth. To living my truth.

And now, this vision is here. I can reach out and touch it. I can feel it. Taste it. Smell it. I KNOW IT.

This vision is my everything. I have put everything I am into this vision. It is my ONE SINGLE POWERFUL UNCONVENTIONAL UNSTOPPABLE focus today and forever after.

See, I believe we can create a world of peace. One where our children and their children and their children’s children know nothing of hunger. Or poverty. A world without violence and without war.

And our children, our youth and young adults are they key to creating this transformation. I believe these young adults and children and children yet to be born will become the leaders, the teachers, the peacemakers the world has been waiting for. They have gigantic dreams. They’re our future leaders. They are the future of humanity. The ones who will usher in a new spirituality, a new awakening on this planet. They WILL usher in a time of profound change and PEACE.

There is an evolution happening on this planet right now. A massive shift in energy that will be the catalyst for creating this vision of peace and harmony. My mission is to BE that change. To BE that catalyst.

I’ve come to a point where it’s time to leap. A point where it’s time to create. Where it’s time to DO. And I wake up every day open and willing to BE all of me. To be unapologetic in who I am. To speak the truth. To be ALIVE.

So I’m leaping into this vision heart and soul. I’m leaping into this vision with everything I’ve got. With wild abandon. I’m leaping into this with a spirit of letting go, of complete and utter surrender. Knowing that EVERY step is divinely guided. That every jump is exactly right.

I’m leaping with passion and fire burning brightly. No longer just a small spark or an ember. But a magnificent, glowing flame of love and peace and gratitude.

A glowing flame to light the way for not only myself but those who are being called to walk alongside me. To be powerful leaders. To be visionaries. Wild. Bold. Fierce. Powerful. With an unconventional unstoppable focus.

Right now. . . RIGHT NOW is the time.

Because there is a monumental shift happening on this planet very soon. We – leaders and visionaries – are drawing it in. And I am calling YOU TODAY to join me in a high-level, high-impact, deeply transformational program that will bring you to the edge, that will open you, impact you, change you, move you. It will be intense and raw and real. AND – it will be so FUCKING GLORIOUSLY POWERFUL that YOU – and I – will MOVE MOUNTAINS with our message.

So, today I’m looking for 5 women. . . 5 women who are visionaries. 5 women who are passionate. Women who are ready to step into their power, their truth. Ready to create their vision and live their mission.

My mission, my vision – my entire reason for BEING – is to create a rising of powerful, amazing, rockstar visionaries like myself who will lead and teach and mentor these young adults and children into becoming ALL of WHO they ARE. To fully knowing and loving and accepting their own power. To standing in that power, claiming it. Proclaiming it. KNOWING it.

I’m inviting these visionaries to begin a journey together that looks like this. . .

Phase 1 -Becoming a Powerful Motherfucker

I’m going to walk beside you, hold you when you need holding. Be your faith when you have little. Be your guide when you are lost. Be your strength when you have none. I am going to walk beside you, love you, teach you as you learn to be ALL OF WHO YOU ARE. I will help you hone your vision and pull it into reality. I will help you know and trust that YOU can make your dreams come ALIVE. I will help you stand in your POWER every day and speak your truth even when your knees are weak and your voice shakes.

Phase 2 -Leadership & Mentorship School

We will begin another journey that will teach you leadership, mentorship, guidance. You will learn to share your light with others. To lead from your heart, with conviction and honor and truth. You will learn how to support others, how to be their strength and their faith when theirs is floundering. You will learn to work with youth and young adults who need some extra love and help to find their way.

Phase 3 -Circle of Light

This is when we begin to work with youth and young adults. We will take them under our loving wings and support them as they begin their journey towards finding their truth and power, into becoming all of who THEY are.

Each of these phases will last 3 months. Each phase is required. You must complete Phase 1 before moving on to Phase 2 and Phase 2 before moving on to Phase 3.

This program is a commitment to YOU. A commitment to being ALL OF WHO YOU ARE. It will require an investment in YOU, not just financially but energetically, emotionally and physically as well. It will require an investment in your future, in your vision, in your mission and purpose. An investment in your NOW.

Listen. . . right now is the time.

This program will call out of you your greatest power, your greatest vulnerabilities, your most epic and intensive strength and intuition. If this scares the shit out of you and yet totally excites you, then we should talk.

I’ve created a page on my website for this program. Please take a look at it and if it stirs something inside you, then fill out the contact form on the page and let’s connect. I would LOVE to talk with you.

Or if you KNOW RIGHT NOW that you want to – MUST – be a part of this, send me an email at hello@annieanderson.com and we will hop on the phone.

The time is NOW. RISE UP.

Go here to fill out the Application now. . . Visionary Leadership Circle


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