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The Interesting Part

Spirituality takes you into a seemingly unrecognizable space so it seems. You are already familiar with what you have been taught to know, of course and those things you may know little about is just so interesting because so many others are displaying in a way that speaks to your spirit. Communication comes in more forms than many and callings are made through various messages in which you are exposed to, catching them is the artform.

A New Purpose

Have you ever pushed yourself so hard that a physical part of you shut down due to the overload? This happened to me back in the end of 2016. I knew something was wrong in September but I couldn’t see my eye doctor until late December. When I finally saw my eye doctor she told me that my eyes were not responding to the prisms in my reading glasses that corrected my line of sight. These prisms helped me read and without them my eyes read 2 lines simultaneously making the words move around and difficult to pull together.


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