My coach told me something last year that at the time she said it, I thought was totally crazy – even though as soon as I heard her words, I knew without a doubt that what she spoke was truth. She told me that I could walk into a room and heal everyone in it simply with my presence. It sounded impossible and yet I could feel it so deeply within me, that I had chills and I knew to the core of my being it was true.

At first I thought it had to do with my being a Reiki Master and having developed my own healing modalities but the more I’ve leaned it to that, the more I’ve leaned into who I am, the more it became clear to me that it has nothing to do with anything. . .

But love.

If all we are is energy, and at the core of our inner-most being, we are nothing but pure truth and love, then we are all healers. Because LOVE is the greatest healer. Love, and only love, heals all wounds.

We all have an overflowing well of love inside of us to tap into because we were created from love. Sometimes it’s buried under layers of false beliefs and limited thinking. Layered underneath the stories we’ve been told.

But I can tell you – the more we walk in that space, the more we live in that space of love and truth, the more love we have to give. Love wasn’t meant to kept to ourselves or hidden. Love isn’t something to fear. It’s not something to hold onto. It’s not something to only give in certain situations or to certain people or at certain times.

Love was meant to be bold.
Love was meant to sacred.
To be shared. To be given away.
Openly. Freely. Unconditionally.

And the ONLY way to combat hatred, war, fear, injustice, poverty, hunger, violence is by loving so deeply, so strongly, so completely that everything unlike love dissolves in it’s presence.

THAT is true healing, my friend.

And that will change the world.

Stand in love.


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