I realized some time ago that while I love design, it does not fuel me. At least, not when it’s agenda is income.

When I can design for the pure sake of creativity and fun and desire and income (if any) is second to that, then it is fuel. Otherwise it is simply work. And while I love that work in many ways, it is not the work I am called to do in the world.

So for 2016, I will be doing very limited design work and turning my soul’s desire for creativity towards what does fuel me.

What fuels me completely. Always. And always has. What makes me feel open. Strong. Brilliant. Expansive. The thing I can’t NOT do. The thing I’ve done since I was old enough to hold a pencil. . .


Writing has always been my love affair. The truest expression of who I am. My heart and soul.

So 2016 gives me a lot of space to write. To hold nothing back. To be fully true to me.

It also gives me space to continue coaching. Because much like writing, connecting deeply with others is fuel for my heart. Watching others come alive to their truth is so beautiful. So magical. So luminary. It lights up my whole world.

In between that, One Generation Peace Project is moving forward with lightning speed. Roundtables. Visionary Leadership Circles. Workshops. Speaking gigs. And travel.

And I have some galactic-sized kickass plans for all of that!

I’d love for you to come along for the ride.

Have you started planning your 2016 roadmap yet? How can I support you?

Love + Magic
Heart & Soul


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