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Faith is everything

As we head into the fall season, there are a few things I want to talk about, chief among them what I consider the most important aspect of everything we do in life.

And that is . . . faith.

Faith is everything.

But I don’t mean faith as in religion. No, I mean something more like trust, belief, confidence, conviction. Faith in yourself. Faith that the Universe will not let you down. That everything works out perfectly as it should. And that even when we don’t understand why or how or when, the Universe is conspiring on our behalf to fulfill the life we desire.

This kind of faith is what I call a Knowing.

It’s knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt. It’s 100% belief. Absolute confidence. Total conviction. You know it. Fully, completely, no question.

And this is where we mess up, friends.

Because we *think* we have that kind of Knowing but we let the doubt in somewhere along the line. Just before the thing we want comes to fruition. And instead of getting what we were after, we’re let down.

Do we blame the Universe? Our neighbors? Our family?

Unfortunately, yes, we do. But we must realize and understand – it’s NOT their fault. If you want to lay blame, go look in the mirror, dear. Take responsibility. Because that’s where it starts.

It starts within. Nothing is without.

All the answers you need are right inside you.

Know without a doubt that you are a powerful being. Know without a doubt that you can do great things. That the dreams you have can be reality. And that they WILL be reality if you have faith.

Faith is everything.


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