Is it really worth it when you have to disguise who you are?

Some people will agree with the fact that sometimes a person will have to partake in what does not serve them at their highest potential; but how effective is that? Is it really conducive to the life that you are seeking to actually live? Do you ever stop to think to yourself, why do I have to be something other than me?

Hiding who you are and who you truly feel opens a path in which once you have entered in too far, its detriment getting out of. It’s possible to get out of it, but it won’t be without a crumbling; and that crumbling happens so quickly as if it had been waiting since day one. 

Not being true to you will cause feelings of impurity and immorality within yourself and it goes deeper than you could have imagined because the one situation or person that you thought you could have been you with, just does not accept you. So, why even allow this to happen in the first place. Maybe you feel obligated or maybe that situation or person has presented to be of greater importance to you than yourself has become. 

You have to educate yourself on how crucial you are to your own way of life, in order to avoid allowing yourself to be placed in the position to hide who you truly are and how you truly feel. Your thoughts and feelings must harmonize with a bond not severed by anyone to solidify you knowing the truth of who you are. 

If someone else does not allow the space and safety of your expression, then either they need to mature to the truth or you have to truly face your options. No-one can tell you what you must do but rather suggest that you know within the more positive options for allowing harmony and peace to reside in your life. The way you make your decisions of who to share your space with is a most important factor. 

The lesson for me is that hiding who you actually are can cause more hurt than provide the help you need within your connection. A lot of the time people will feel that if they just keep quiet or redirect, then the situation has been solved or at the least avoided. The thing that they may be failing to recognize is that they are only shrinking themselves the more while accepting information that may not be true or assumptions that are not conducive to the agreements of their relationship; if there were any to begin with.

I believe that these situations initially cave in with the outward explosion happening after the acceptance of how their decisions have caused a major shift of events for not only them but others around them as well. The clean up can be restorative and healing, which I assume many people may need, but I would rather avoid the catastrophe. It’s one thing when this goes unnoticed but when you can see that a disaster is either here or oncoming, would you allow it? 

Think about actively involving yourself in a relationship with God or what you see as God. How does pretending go for you in the case of that connection? Each of us have a part of God within us, so with that being said, what is truly hidden? You are hiding from yourself because you definitely are not hiding from the God-part of life and your relationship with you. Both represent the connections that you have in all other relationships. 

The many faces of one.

I sum this up by making certain to take all faces off and allow the true essence of who I am to be revealed. To be vulnerable in every facet of me, on every level of thought and trust the God-plan of what is taking place in that moment. 

When you hide who you are in your connection, the relationship has a band aid that will preserve it for some time but with the more time that passes you will start to feel like you don’t belong there. Now you have evidence to say that you don’t deserve this because your person does not like the real you, which in turn causes other feelings of self-worth. The possibility of feeling unlikeable is high and the longer you play into the mode of having this particular face on, the more you are going to cause those feelings; leading into pain that will break once no more can be contained. 

It’s time to express your true feelings, even if you could be incorrect in how you feel. You have to know that you have created a safe space where you can be vulnerable and willing to just be.  Reassess your relationship if you must but the goal is to be your true self within the connections in your life. This may include putting an end to unstable relationships, where you truly feel you will not be accepted for your true self.

Let’s begin that process of selfembracing. Learn more at: 

Until next time, Stay Happy. Stay Healthy. Stay Healing. 


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