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Contributor Guidelines

Submissions. Please only submit one post at a time in the submission form. Include a title that catches attention of the reader. Please only select one category and add no more than 5 tags.

Requirements. All contributors are required to share their posts on social media and include a call to action (such as a question) at the end of their posts to encourage reader engagement. Sharing is the best way to gain exposure. Once your post goes live via your website, newsletter, and social media. The more people who view your post, the better is it for you and the better it is for Firebranders Magazine, creating a win-win.

Subscription. We expect every contributor to subscribe to the newsletter which includes a once daily email around 11am Pacific Time with all posts from the last 24 hour period.

Theme. Since Firebranders is all about Making a Positive Impact Through Love, Purpose and Freedom, all posts should reflect this theme and tie into it some way. Those that do not will be rejected. For examples, see below.

Photos. If you’d like to include a photo with your post, it must be at least 960 pixels wide by 450 pixels tall. Larger is fine but realize they may be cropped as necessary. Photos must also be your own original photos or those that are allowed under the Creative Commons All Attributes license. No more than 2 photos per post.


The Firebranders Magazine is looking for contributors! If you have a passion for writing in the spiritual genre, please see the Write For Us page for details


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