You know what? I have a confession. . .

I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing half the time. Not a clue. Yes, I have an education in design, business, psychology, real estate, writing, reiki and a few other things. I’m an ordained minister too. And yes, I’ve accumulated a lot of business sense and strategy and know-how among other things over the years.

But the truth is – I wake up every morning and follow my intuition. My inner-guidance. That still small voice of Spirit. That’s it.

And it wasn’t until I made a deeply committed, unwavering choice – the choice to be true to myself – that things changed.

Sometimes all it takes to get there is a flip of the switch – the one that says I’m not willing to settle. That says the moment is NOW. The one that says just do it!

Here’s what I know:

Regardless of how ready we are, regardless of how unqualified we feel, we are qualified in Divine Authority, Power and Endorsement. And that trumps all.

We are all here on this planet right now to create a legacy – not just our own legacy – but a collective legacy that will shift humanity, one that will eradicate poverty, war, violence, hunger, fear and separation. So I’ve created a Circle that is both group and private coaching where we meet every month for two group sessions and one private session to dive deeply into YOUR vision and mission in this lifetime.

I’d love to invite you into this sacred space. If you’re feeling called to learn more about the Legacy Circle, tune in with yourself and then if you’d like to  connect with me, fill out the form on that page. That will send me an email and we’ll setup a time to hop on the phone.

This is your call to RISE ❤

Tune in and change the world.


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