Most of us have big dreams. Dreams we’re afraid of. Dreams we’re too scared to utter to another soul – let alone actually put in motion. Instead, we often keep them hidden in our hearts. We stuff them down and ignore them. We think we aren’t good enough. Old enough. Wise enough. Smart enough. Beautiful enough.

One of the major things I help my coaching clients with is tapping into their BIG DREAMS – often dreams they didn’t even know they had or dreams they’ve stuffed down inside them for so long, they’ve all but forgotten it existed.

These dreams often go unnoticed or worse – we think we could NEVER do them because they’re too big or too scary or we’re not ready or any number of other reasons.

But guess what?

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.” And that’s absolutely true.

Spirit/Source/God/The Universe doesn’t especially care that we might not be “qualified” in human terms. We’re qualified in Universal power and endorsement. Source knows *exactly* what YOU are capable of – when you let go of all the excuses and reasons and what-nots.

And if you lean into that, if you answer that calling, you WILL be qualified. You are qualified simply for the fact that Spirit planted that seed within you. The truth is – our dreams are not of us, they are not about us. They are the Universe working it’s magic and miracles through us.

Listen – your dreams are meant to stretch you, to expand you, to share your knowledge and your truth and your heart, your soul with those you are here to serve in whatever capacity you’re here to do so.

We make things more complicated than they are. But reaching our dreams, letting them out of our hearts and into the world is really quite simple. . .

  • Stop forcing shit to happen
  • Take a break. Every. Single. Day.
  • Go have fun and PLAY
  • Create systems that work for YOU not the gurus
  • Only DO the stuff that lights you up like a million rays of sun
  • Say YES. A lot.
  • Say NO even more
  • Connect with people who inspire you, love you, SEE you
  • Breathe deeply and tune into your SOUL constantly
  • LOVE. Love more. Love stronger. Love deeper.

And THEN. . . LOVE even more.

See, the truth is – you know. It might be layered underneath drama and chaos and all that stuff, but it’s all there inside you. Waiting. And sometimes you just want someone standing with you, hearing you, holding space with you to bring it forward. To allow it all to emerge and unfold. Easily. Gracefully. Authentically.

And that’s what I do.

I walk the path alongside you. Listen to what you’re saying, hear what you’re REALLY saying. . . AND tune into what you’re not saying. We unravel all the parts that are keeping you stuck and on the sidelines in your life. We crack the code that’s keeping you anxious, worried and spinning your wheels in your business. And then we create systems and tools and services that light you up, rock your world and create massive forward momentum.

You have permission to experience your dreams. It’s your Divine Right.

When you’re ready for support for you and your dreams, I’m here. Reach out and let’s bring your dreams and desires to life. You can use the Contact Form or check out my Work With Me page for additional details.

Love + Magic
Heart & Soul


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