For years, I dreamed of things that I felt powerless to stop. I saw visions that I knew were going to come true. It wasn’t a matter of *if* – it was always a matter of *when* – and I spent countless hours begging and pleading with the Great Creator to change them, to stop them.

Until one day I realized that I was being shown the pathway so as to help create change. Until I realized that I was being shown these premonitions NOT to warn ahead or to simply pray for change, but to help lead the way so that we may course correct.

I was being shown the ripple of how things effected other things so that I could help create new pathways, new shifts, new movements.

Lately, I have been reminded that what makes the biggest difference – creates infinite ripples, corrects course the quickest – is to BE the example. To LEAD by example.


THAT creates ripples.

My mission on this planet is so wide, so deep, so galactic, that I often cannot see the entire thing. And when I try, it becomes overwhelming.

I don’t know all of the steps yet. I don’t have all of the pieces yet. All I can do is trust that each step will appear as I continue walking forward, that each piece will be open up before me as I follow the Divine Knowing within.

What I can tell you is this:

The time is NOW.

It’s time to set down rules and regulations and ideals that are designed to control. To release judgment and anger and fear and resentment. To release loss and scarcity and failure. Hatred and frustration and doubt.

It’s time to rethread the tapestry of humanity. To weave it with love and truth and honor and integrity.

It’s time for partnership and for collaboration. To let no one stand alone. To offer support. . .

And to be supported.

When we can stand together, with hands and hearts united in truth and love, we will create ripples across the ages, across all time and space, all galaxies and universes across the millennia.

When we stand together in light and acceptance and peace and rise above the chaos, we create pathways of gratitude and openness and expansion.

It’s time to restore the foundation of peace and abundance we were created with. To allow light and love to shine across all four corners of the earth and far beyond.

It’s time to open your heart, to speak your truth and share your knowledge with the world.

The time is NOW.

In October, I will begin sending invitations for an elite group of individuals who will help usher in the founding principles of One Generation Peace Project. Individuals who, like me, KNOW that peace in One Generation is possible.

And not only possible, inevitable, if we stand together.

Individuals who have massive visions and missions that are in alignment with OGPP and know that collaboration is the way of the future.

Individuals who KNOW that the future is NOW.

The Roundtable Peace Summit’s mission is for radical, revolutionary change on this planet – not through violence or disruption or fighting of any kind – but through LOVE. We believe that if we all stand together, if we all hold the same vision, if we live our lives from a space of truth and love and freedom, we create massive impact.

Our mission is simple: Love is the only answer.

The Roundtable is by invitation only.

Please fill out the form on the Roundtable page for more information and to receive an invitation.

Love + Magic,


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