The other thing I want to write about this week that has made massive impact for me is. . .


I was sitting knee to knee with my coach in the Spring of 2014 when she asked me “What are you feeling from me right now?”

And I sat for a few minutes before I said “Unconditional love.”

What she said next, I’ll never forget –

“That’s YOU. YOU are love, Annie. I am only reflecting back to you the truth of WHO YOU REALLY ARE.”

In that moment, my entire world changed. And it’s been changing radically moment by moment every moment since then, the more and more expansively I lean into LOVE.

BEING love requires presence. Every moment. Being fully present right NOW.

Be HERE now.

See, you can’t BE LOVE if you aren’t present first.

The truth is love is within all of us. We ARE love. And I’m not talking about the infatuation we’ve been conditioned to believe is love. . .

I’m talking about TRUTH. The love that we were created with. It is pure. It is unconditional. It knows no judgements. It is without fear. Without pain. Without distance.

Love knows only two things: truth and peace.

And our job on this planet is to BE LOVE. To create a world of truth and peace.

It’s time. NOW. TODAY.

Love + Magic,


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