Annie Anderson

Annie S. Anderson will write a super cool bio here soon when she has the time between writing and design projects, carting kiddos to football practice and the like, herding the cats, and other general things that seem to take up entire days. In the meantime, you can find out about her various projects here:


I’ve often thought of surrender as a complete breaking down, as a release of self to the moment. Like a “dark night of the soul” response to pain and chaos and the giving up of self to spirit. At some point in our journey, we are often brought to what we think is a place …

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The Wisest Thing We Can Do

Our job is simple: LOVE. Love with all your heart.Love with all your soul. Love so deeply, so strongly, with so much compassion there’s no room for anything else And when you don’t know what else to do:LOVE MORE.LOVE DEEPER.LOVE STRONGER.Let LOVE be the ONLY answer. Period. ♥ Love + Magic,~Annie


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