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Angel C. Miller

Angel C. Miller, M.Msc., L.M.P. is a force like no other and has come to share with everyone so elegantly, her truth. Angel grew up and currently resides in the Midlands area of South Carolina with her husband and children. As a graduate of the local high school, Angel adamantly earned her first certificate in Christian Life Counseling online in December 2016 and continuing her education, she has earned membership as a Licensed Metaphysical Practitioner with the International Metaphysical Ministry and is currently a Doctoral Candidate of Theocentric Psychology at the University of Sedona, class of 2022. As a faith based holistic thought therapist, Angel shares her time dealing with all that life presents as opportunities; either by talking to someone she just met or sharing appreciation for the silence she has grown to know within. This motivated mother of four, who shares a career of Homeschool Teaching, is willing and available to listen, study and share with all she comes into contact with. Angel has a true heart for, not only embracing herself but also guiding others in the methods of self-embrace and is not afraid to share her authentic personality in all areas of life, from parenting to intimacy. She is creative by nature and enjoys sharing her experiences through writing and speaking. Thank you for opening up to the triumphant experiences of Angel C. Miller through Firebranders Magazine.

The Interesting Part

Spirituality takes you into a seemingly unrecognizable space so it seems. You are already familiar with what you have been taught to know, of course and those things you may know little about is just so interesting because so many others are displaying in a way that speaks to your spirit. Communication comes in more forms than many and callings are made through various messages in which you are exposed to, catching them is the artform.


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